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Darkflite is Rugged, Scalable & versatile

darkflite is offering innovative, dual-use drone solutions to enhance tactical capabilities. Based on blueflite’s unique, patent-pending design, it features vertical take-off and landing and vectored thrust, providing unrivaled maneuverability. darkflite high-capability drones are versatile and can support logistics applications or tactical support missions through specialized onboard payloads.

Our products

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More Speed

Winged, high-speed drone with unique tilt-rotor architecture featuring vectored thrust. High maneuverability and agility, compact design for ease of access. Rugged architecture, ease of use. Internal payload compartment.

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More Payload

Based on the SLATE platform with enhanced hover capability through more energy-efficient propulsion.

In the field


Payload capability for light cargo to support logistics missions. Integrated cargo compartment, easy to access for manual or automated cargo loading. Automated cargo egress capability. Compactness and extreme maneuverability for unrestricted access in challenging environments. High-speed cruise and energy-efficient flight for higher range than multicopters. Robust and rugged design, highly mobile, easy to use.


Highly versatile platform for tactical support through versatile payloads such as sensors, visual instruments, and telecommunication equipment. Payload can be carried internally to shield from the external environment. Quick dispatch, high maneuverability to access hard-to-reach locations.

Tactical payload